• 1950s: Headquarters of
    C. PLATH in Hamburg

  • 1960s: Visual direction
    finder in operation

  • 1970s: Mobile solutions for
    direction finding and locating

  • 1980s: Stationary system
    for strategic intelligence

  • 1990s: Mobile system
    for tactical intelligence

  • 21st century: Sensor independent intelligence
    in one operations center

History of the PLATH Group

The name PLATH stands for 60 years of outstanding competence in the field of Communications Intelligence, Electronic Support Measures and Intelligence Collection Management.

PLATH Group was founded in 2006 with the objective to unite COMINT specialists. Together the members of PLATH Group look back on 115 years of experience in this challenging field. Through the combination of the longstanding experience and the expertise of all members, we always guarantee the best possible and state-of-the-art solution to our customers and ensure that all their tasks will be fulfilled.

Development of the PLATH Group:

2006 Foundation of the PLATH Group consisting of the companies PLATH GmbH, Procitec GmbH, Innosystec GmbH and PLATH AG
2007 Integration of PLATH EFT GmbH
2013 Integration of Nexa Technologies SAS