• Support to governments and official
    bodies in the protection from danger

  • Protection of infrastructure
    and resources

  • Support to security agencies
    in the prevention of conflicts

  • Threat detection to secure
    freedom, peace and order


PLATH Group is an international network of specialists combining the expertise of all members to provide cutting edge products, solutions and worldwide services for Communications Intelligence ( COMINT ), Electronic Intelligence ( ELINT ) and Electronic Warfare ( EW ).

The headquarters of PLATH Group is PLATH GmbH, an internationally established solution provider in the field of strategic and tactical intelligence, located in Hamburg. PLATH GmbH holds significant shareholdings in all member companies and is responsible for the corporate management of the PLATH Group.

Under the motto “from sensors to knowledge” PLATH Group handles the entire intelligence cycle from the signal acquisition and signal analysis to the evaluation of communication up to the visualisation of mass data. Furthermore we offer solutions for the jamming and deceiving of communication.

The customers of PLATH Group benefit from the performance and the security of a strong corporate association as well as the technological expertise and the flexibility of its independent members.