30.04.2019 PLATH GmbH

10. Intelligence Workshop – Sichern Sie sich Ihren Platz!

Das einzige international etablierte Forum für Kommunikationsaufklärung liegt nur noch 2 Wochen vor uns – der 10. Intelligence Workshop.

Eingeführt in 2011, hat das Event seitdem einen enormen Wachstum erfahren und hat sich schnell zu einem Pflichttermin für die internationale Aufklärungscommunity entwickelt. Der Intelligence Workshop bietet Experten aus der ganzen Welt eine Platform zur Diskussion der neusten Trends in der Kommunikationsaufklärung sowie eine Möglichkeit zum Netzwerken. Heute haben sich bereits an die 450 Teilnehmer für die Jubiläumsausgabe angemeldet.

Das diesjährige Event präsentiert hochrangige Referenten und Sessions, die aktuelle Herausforderungen in der Kommunikationsaufklärung adressieren:

  • Keynote von Brigadegeneral Armin Fleischmann, Kommando Cyber- und Informationsraum, Verteidigungsministerium Deutschland
  • Keynote von Oberstleutnant Holger Schmör, Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff, NATO

Cyber Defence – Closing the backdoors

The intensity and complexity of cyber attacks are growing continuously. Consequently, cyber defences are essential for all government entities in order to protect sensitive information and safeguard assets. To protect information effectively – often an organisation’s most critical asset – cyber security experts must have understanding and clarity of internal infrastructure and its behaviour to quickly uncover, analyse and react to anomalies. By being able to quickly recognise and respond to threats, the scale and impact of an attack can be minimised.

As part of the Intelligence Workshop, the ‘Cyber defence’ session will highlight current requirements and consider technologies and methodologies that monitor, detect and investigate anomalies within an organisation’s network infrastructure. The focus will be on solutions that provide persistent network monitoring, gather log sources, process these data in customisable dashboards, and provide actionable intelligence alerts in order to support the customer in managing and responding to attacks.

Artificial (Signals) Intelligence – Can a machine learn to think?

Routine for the machine – norm deviation for the human. The degree of autonomy in intelligence systems has been advancing rapidly for more than a decade. However, in reality this intelligence is not truly ‘artificial’; it is limited to repeating routine tasks implemented as a set of scripts on the basis of past experience of a human.

As part of the Intelligence Workshop, the ‘Artificial (Signals) Intelligence’ session takes a look at the status quo of automation in EMS operations. It will focus on the future possibilities, namely, the potential of using AI for more than routine work, and consider the ultimate question: can a machine learn to think? Key concepts will include ‘learning’ algorithms in the fields of threat analysis, semantic content analysis, forensics, trend analysis and prediction.

Multi-Domain Intelligence – Catch me if you can

The cyber trend is unstoppable: it dominates almost every aspect of social life in the public world, and the battlefield is increasingly digitised, network-centric and virtualised. From individual soldiers’ kit to air, land and sea platforms and weapons systems, the thirst for data and the intelligence extracted from it is unquenchable. But as cloud services, Wi-Fi, civil mobile communications and social media become increasingly intrinsic to modern life, are we exposing ourselves with self-created vulnerabilities? The battle for data is real, and it’s coming to a theatre near you.

As part of the Intelligence Workshop, the ‘Multi-domain Intelligence’ session will focus on available and future multi-domain intelligence solutions. Not limited to the traditional intelligence domains of SIGINT , LI, HUMINT and GEOINT, the focus will be on solutions that provide open interfaces and the ability to adapt to the latest and future domains of hybrid, cyber, information operations and warfare.

Sehen Sie sich die komplette Agenda des 10. Intelligence Workshops an. Wir freuen uns darauf Sie in Stockholm zu treffen – im Intelligence Workshop und auf unserem Stand A16 in der Ausstellung!

Wir sehen uns!