02.05.2019 PLATH GmbH

New release ICAS 10 is out now!

Handle large data volumes in parallel, detect narrowband signals in broadband spectrum, identify activity within recorded audio – all in a few clicks with ICAS 10! PLATH is rolling out a new ICAS release, providing new features to further improve your intelligence capabilities.

ICAS enables you to capture, analyse and distribute large data volumes – up to 600 incoming signals can be processed in parallel by up to 60 operators with ICAS 10. This capability is particularly required in scenarios with a very high emission density. Being able to cope with this mass of data, you can complete your situation picture for sound decision making.

Signal Detector
ICAS operates within the entire radio frequency spectrum – Signal Detector automatically detects and measures narrowband signals in a broadband spectrum. Using this new feature, you identify potential signals of interest faster, and thus you get a step ahead in your mission. At the same time, you save your limited resources with ICAS 10 and thus enable your operators to focus on crucial tasks.

Noise Gate
ICAS enables you to separate the essential from the inessential – Noise Gate identifies relevant signals within recorded audio. With ICAS 10, operators only focus on signals containing information instead of listening to all intercepted signals. This feature again saves your limited resources, increases your efficiency and keeps your operator´s attention for mission-critical activities.

If you are already a part of the ICAS community, we will also be happy to inform you about the advantages of our broad In-Service Support, offering latest updates and upgrades for your maximised system performance.

About ICAS
ICAS is a powerful, interoperable und scalable intelligence and EW platform for the entire frequency spectrum. ICAS provides all functionalities to control and operate radio reconnaissance systems and enables automated sensor control as well as results analysis via a uniform graphical user interface. Regardless of the environment, in strategic or tactical intelligence, whether as a mobile application on land and at sea or in stationary use – ICAS supports you in gaining information superiority. For the success of your mission.