16.11.2018 PLATH GmbH

In demand worldwide: Hamburg competence in the area of civil applications

VTS antenna from PLATH

An integrator from Asia is relying on the PLATH competence in multiple areas in the field of civil VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) systems. The VTS direction finders, antennae and software supplied will ensure increased safety in very busy sea channels and give more oversight of vessels arriving in and leaving harbours.

The worldwide volume of shipped goods is increasing alongside the number of private boat owners. It is thus logical that the need for more and more precise traffic management systems is also increasing. Where radar and AIS (Automatic Identification System) are no longer sufficient for clear identification, PLATH VTS solutions come into play.

These are impressive with AIS signal suppression for reliable VTS reception free of interference, with smooth system integration via LAN and last but not least with maximum lightning protection for people and systems.

In addition, the civil direction-finder systems are not listed as dual-use goods. It is therefore no surprise that Hamburg precision work is in high demand – even on the other side of the world.