22.11.2017 PLATH GmbH

PLATH enters new cooperation with Ubimax – Smart Glasses allow in-service-support in real time

After a successful trial phase PLATH will apply the remote support solution xAssist, a product of Ubimax, within their in-service-support. This solution offers the required remote assistance for the technician and user on-site for troubleshooting as well as configuration- and user-support.

The Ubimax solution consists of so called Smart Glasses (e.g. type Vuzix M300), which provide on-site audio and video information for the technician directly from the technical expert in Hamburg. In turn, the engineer can share exactly the same view that the technician can see through his Smart Glasses. It allows to provide also additional information (such as circuit diagrams, markings or command line parameters) in real-time for an immediate local use. Furthermore sessions can be recorded for documentation or training.

xAssist allows us an extremely faster response time worldwide and thus shorter downtimes of the customer’s system. At the same time it reduces absences and travel expenses of key personnel. PLATH is pleased to offer this even more flexible and efficient service to our customers.