14.11.2016 PLATH GmbH

The new C-ESM/COMINT system for submarines

Exemplary impressions of corresponding ICAS user interface

For many years PLATH has been a well-known and proven provider of intelligence systems for naval ships. With the new C-ESM/ COMINT system for submarines PLATH completes its naval portfolio, designed to fulfill the highest requirements of end-users, integrators or shipyards.

The new intelligence system for submarines is designed to provide mission-essential C-ESM capabilities, e.g. automatic rapid indication of threatening communication signals on air. In addition, it also provides extensive omni-directional COMINT capabilities, which can be pre-tasked during the sub-surface phase and executed automatically in the limited time on periscope depth. This combination of C-ESM and COMINT capabilities adds a significant value to the maritime situational picture, in real-time and also offline.

Due to the outstanding high sensitivity and dynamic range of the PLATH receivers connected to a highly performing 3rd party antenna, the user gets a precise signal overview of the whole communication frequency range. In addition to the automatically provided bearing and content data for every intercepted signal, no matter if strong or weak, the system provides a crucial detection range advantage for the submarine and helps to keep the tactical superiority.

Andre Richter, Director Sales at PLATH GmbH, sums up the extended portfolio as follows: „Whether a new acquisition, upgrade or retrofit – PLATH is an established and reliable provider for navies worldwide. With our C-ESM/ COMINT solutions for submarines, we strengthen our leading position in communication intelligence.“

PLATH presented the new C-ESM/ COMINT system for submarines for the first time at Euronaval 2016, which took place in October 2016 in Paris.